Footage video

Everyone who wants to order a colourful and impressive ad video for an affordable price should consider a footage video. 3DADDY STUDIO actively uses this technique when performing different orders.

Footages are ready-made short video fragments that are combined in the process of competent montage. In other words, this is a set of specially selected templates containing different images, animation elements, moving objects, and so on. Stock videos are used to make any presentation or ad video more spectacular. During their production, part of material can be filmed or created independently, as well as collected from various sources.

You can see examples in our portfolio. Despite the fact that the montage of animated footages is a rather complicated process, the result is usually worth the investment.

How to order an inexpensive ad video?

A footage video is an ideal solution, when there is neither time nor resources to shoot your own video, a budget is limited, and a campaign must be launched very quickly. However, now footage technology is used even when creating presentation products of even very large and wealthy corporations. It is not always reasonable to move around the world to shoot unique landscapes or catch the tide, if you can find many ready-made shots.

Our requirements to stock videos are very high. We are looking for the ideal image quality, accurate composition and balance of all movements, as well as an optimal colour scheme, which creates the desired mood. Sometimes you have to go over hundreds of variants to find the one that is fully consistent with the plan.

Alpha channel footages are used to design a background and titles, and overlay several effects on a video. Special three-dimensional clips are selected for a 3D- animation. Having integrated different elements, our creative team creates memorable ad videos.

Secrets of ready-made solutions

Most often, stock videos are presented as ready-made solutions. In fact, these are just diverse ingredients, and the quality of a created product depends on their right choice, compliance with a unique “recipe” and, of course, people’s competence.

Advertising animation is designed to attract a target audience, which means that each effect should be meaningful. Therefore, as a rule, firstly a concept is developed, and then all the components that are used to create a necessary marketing message are selected purposefully. Thus, not only close-ups but even the slightest undertint matter.

Creative company 3DADDY STUDIO will help to realize the most ambitious project and create memorable ad videos, representing any product, brand or company. We work for your recognition, positive image and sales increase!