TM Restoria

Always a delicious result

The presentation clip representing Restoria schnitzel is one of the promotional products made by our studio for a well-known brand.

In a small video in a few seconds, we tried to use all the most important aspects of the impact on the buyer: informational, emotional, sensual, and psychological. Thanks to the footages and 3D graphics, the potential buyer sees a close-up of the process of toasting the delicious schnitzel, as if watching the verified actions of an experienced chef. Everyone can cook this delicious dish in kitchen.

Since our studio of 3D animation and graphics received an order for a number of commercials for the Restoria trademark, it was important that the videos differed from each other, but they were kept in the same style. This allows you to increase brand awareness and build credibility. By purchasing and appreciating one product and learning about other offers, the consumer will certainly want to try the other mouth-watering dishes offered with the slogan: “Always tasty results”.