Freelancers or a studio: who should be entrusted with creating the 3d-video?

Posted on 23.01.2018 in 3D ∕ 2D Video

Nowadays services for creating presentation videos, visualizations and infographics are very much in demand, and the offer is not inferior to demand. In this market, there are large multidisciplinary companies, and small firms, and individual freelancers. By the way, the first often attract “free artists” to solve specific problems. To whom should I entrust the order, for example, to create a quality animated video?

Budget, quality and timeliness – these three aspects are important for everyone who wants to get an effective presentation product. Another key concept, which in no case cannot be discounted, is the absolute responsibility for the result.

Among freelancers there are a lot of talented creative people with technical skills, too, but there are too few people who can organize the whole process of creating a presentation video: from the development of the concept and the script to the thinking of the smallest special effects.

Most often, individual tasks are entrusted to different specialists. In addition, only the creator and the customer’s team can evaluate the finished product before it is presented to the audience, and these opinions can be very subjective.

If you manage to find a freelancer who, moreover, accurately follows the deadlines and has time to perfect every nuance for the designated time, consider that you are very lucky. Such rare specialists often gather around themselves creative teams, and this is how the best studios for creating animation clips and other advertising and presentation products are born. Let’s list the main advantages of our studio:

  • collective creative approach;
  • coherence of work, absence of downtime due to the “human factor”;
  • the ability to perform complex complex orders with the help of one team;
  • responsibility, documented;
  • teamwork for the result.

As for the prices for the creation of 3D models and animation rollers, infographics and visualizations, if you calculate, you can easily see that they are quite comparable with the services of “private traders”. Cooperation in this case is much more comfortable, and ready-made videos reach their goals.