About us

Meet us! We are the creative team "3DADDY STUDIO", which creates an animated video for your business.
Our production studio offers a complex of services for the production and implementation of an advertising video, film, presentation, visualization.

It’s always scary to travel to the computer graphics country. But, give out all doubts! We are always there. Let’s go together this unique way from a cool idea and an exclusive script to modern video design and high-quality post-production. After all, the goal of 3DADDY STUDIO is the spectacular and effective presentation of your product or company to this high-tech world!

Walk the talk

We do love every project. «3DADDY STUDIO» is not afraid of difficulties. Each animation has its own schedule and timeframe.

We are production and postproduction. Production — pre-project preparation, development of a scenario plan, selection of a creative team, filming process. Post-production — installation, titration, scoring, color correction.

There are a lot of difficult words and work. But our studio of video design loves it. Therefore, on average, high-quality video production is allocated from 2 to 3 weeks.

Responsibility is our image trait, so we immediately inform the customer if the product is at the stage «ready». Yes, like a juicy steak. Oh no, suddenly you are a vegetarian. Then, like the best burger with falafel! In case of early completion of the order — we will contact you on the same day.

The stuff but not the fluff

Each new project is exclusive and not similar to the previous one. Scenarios, video shooting, mastering — everything is always different. We love our work for diversity. Therefore, the cost of each process is always calculated individually. After the order, we determine the required list of works and make a cost sheet. No, we will not impose superfluously. Just listen to our recommendations and play nice. Joke! So, before you will be a list of specific items and the cost of each of them. Thus, everything is clear. If not — then we are always in touch!

Unique and available

Our company guarantees that all materials received in the production process are protected by copyright. We, in general, are against copying. Posers are not in a trend! Original shapes, moving silhouettes, color, and variety of shades — everything works on an approved concept. Only the sharpening of every detail forms good advertising content.

For budget video design, we use templates, adapting them to the brand identity. If we are faced with the task of creating an original advertising video then, the unique 100% Hand Made animation comes. Yes, and this is possible!

Anything is possible!

You can always get acquainted with the intermediate stages of work. Night is the time of inspiration for our creative team of developers. But we are guarding your sleep! And if suddenly you are also an «owl», and insight has visited you — you can write a sentence to us. Probably, we will reply in the morning. Because we like to immerse ourselves in creativity and concentrate on honing the details. Come to us or call — we will discuss the adjustments at any stage, whether it be shooting, editing or infographic.