The use of infographic elements in ad videos and films brings presented information to a fundamentally new level – stories are perceived as an authoritative opinion of experts, that should be trusted. To order video infographics, contact 3DADDY STUDIO, and we will do it professionally.

What can our infographics and animation studio do?

Virtually everything. However, in the area of graphical presentation of information it is important not to be overdiligent but to choose the right elements, achieve the correct perception and maintain a company’s signature style.

Having studied the portfolio of 3DADDY STUDIO, you will certainly pay attention to the educational nature of the information presented, as well as the significant social context. A company, representing a particular product, in this case is perceived as a community of professionals, who have thoroughly studied all the nuances and are able to disclose them to an interested audience.

The goal of video infographics is to convince a potential buyer of the need to purchase a specific product in a well-reasoned manner. But, as our experience has shown, it becomes more than an intelligent advertising product:

  1. It rapidly gains momentum in the development of the most ambitious presentations. It is used by analysts, distributed on social networks, shared with friends, partners and colleagues, and used as an argument in discussions.
  2. Video infographics for a website is an effective tool for the so-called permission-based marketing.

Visual imagery

There is a rule 80/20, according to which the vast majority of people remember 80% of what they see and what causes their emotional response, and only 20% of what is presented to them in the text form.

An advertising or presentation video with graphic data, correct voicework and concise, capacious information affects all areas of perception. In addition, it allows demonstrating the relationship between different phenomena, including those that are quite complex.

Effective infographics always has a basic brand concept. Brand loyalty will increase with its regular use.

Video infographics can ensure a large audience reach at a low initial price.

3DADDY STUDIO specialists will develop a key strategy and creatively implement a project. A non-trivial approach to representation of even bare facts will preserve elements of a producer’s style.

We will certainly find a solution that will capture a viewer from the first seconds and crate the necessary dramatic effect.