Myths and truth about infographics

Posted on 23.01.2018 in Infographics

Presently, many talk about the fashion for infographics, and sometimes even about the real boom of infographics in selling videos, advertising animation and other presentation materials. But fashion is something windy and transient, and graphic ways of visualization, which appeared at the dawn of humanity, have been the best way for many centuries to ensure the maximum availability of complex information.

Infographics allows you to simply and compactly, in one image, set out a lot of facts, data and specific positions. This method of organizing information is actively used by specialists in the promotion of brands or products – a high-quality, professional graphic solution increases the trust to the company many times. If it, moreover, is stylishly executed and placed in the appropriate context, success is guaranteed. That’s why animation 3D movies with infographic elements are so effective.

Infographic opportunities

By and large, this is not just a reception, it is a separate form of communication, indispensable during the presentation of any ideas. Moreover, the most impressive images, having a socially significant meaning, attract the attention of journalists, experts and ordinary people. They are actively distributed in social networks and on websites. They do not require effort for translation and are easily perceived by native speakers of different languages.

However, the myth is that any graphic image is better than dozens of words. Not every picture with numbers can be called infographics. It is important to form the right information message and professionally group the data, and also arrange the image itself so that the necessary information stands out and looks convincing.

Contrary to popular belief, infographics are not only all beautifully designed diagrams, visual presentation can be different. The main thing is that the image works for data transmission and serves the achievement of specific goals.

Our creative infographic and 3D animation studio uses different tools to create attractive and memorable visual communication tools. Everything depends on the task and the chosen style of performance. If you want to know about the possibilities of infographic with reference to your product or idea, contact our specialists.