Video bumper

A video bumper is the best way to engage viewer’s attention, arouse his or her interest and encourage further viewing of a video. An interesting introduction will create a vivid emotion, and a person will remember you.

Intro should not be complicated and confusing. The keys to its success are simplicity, conciseness and considered style. Such a result can be achieved only with careful planning and step-by-step development. This is what we offer in 3DADDY STUDIO – stage-by- stage creation of a bumper for a video and for homepages of websites.

What do graphic video bumpers provide for?

A person makes the decision on whether to continue watching a video or website in 8 seconds. You have this much time to establish a contact and earn trust of an audience. This is a difficult task but quite feasible. The main thing is to use psychology wisely.

A bumper performs a number of important functions:

  1. It greets a viewer, familiarises him or her with a company and content;
  2. It makes a video more professional in the eyes of an audience;
  3. It creates the first impression and builds a trust relationship;
  4. It will help you to present a product beautifully, make a video in a company’s signature style, launch advertising on TV or the Internet, start your own video blog, make a website more unique, etc.

What video bumpers can be ordered in 3DADDY STUDIO?

Depending on a type of a video and its ultimate goals, one of the following types of graphic intros will suit you:

  • Animated logo. A short footage, the duration of which does not exceed 10-12 seconds. It demonstrates brand identity of a company using visual 2D and 3D effects;
  • Intro bumper. A longer introduction that includes effects, animation, graphics, and music. It is well suited for content on a Youtube channel, in an entertainment show, special presentations, etc.

Video bumpers can be developed for ad videos, websites, and brand profiles on social networks. The process is carried out in 4 stages:

  1. Thinking over a concept. Preparation of terms of reference for designers, and selection of colours shades, type of animation, and general style;
  2. Plot development. Since the timing of an opening footage is short, a plot is worked out frame by frame;
  3. Modelling and visualization of objects. Graphic specialists model objects with a computer;
  4. Montage. Visual effects, music and animation are added, everything unwanted is removed.

The process of developing an intro bumper and animated logo is identical. Only approaches and means are different.

How much does it cost?

The price of an animated bumper depends on the following factors:

  • Duration. The longer a video, the more effort is spent on its creation and the more expensive it is;
  • Complexity of execution. This factor may include a number of nuances in modelled objects, the necessary accuracy of their implementation, etc.;
  • Graphics amount. More effects, higher price;
  • Deadlines. You can order a video bumper urgently, but it will cost more.

Intro price for a video is from 10,000 roubles. We will determine the exact cost only after the approval of terms of reference and the agreement of details.

Why us

In 3DADDY STUDIO you can order a video bumper for any purpose: product presentation, advertising, entertainment, etc. We will study your target audience, its preferences, interests and, based on them, we will make an animated introduction. You only need to set a task and tell your requirements. Very easy!