The Interview with 3Daddy: “Always happy when our movie gives the effect that the customer was expecting”

Posted on 23.01.2018 in 3D ∕ 2D Video

How are 3d movies created? What is necessary to get high-quality visualization? Does the future have 3D advertising? What is the secret of the success of the studio, even in times of crisis? To the creative team 3 Daddy questions a lot, but since the work here is constantly boiling, it’s not so easy to find time for a leisurely interview. It’s right: it’s better not to talk, but to do it!

– If you watch your work, you can see that you are literally immersed in the performance of each order. Do you have any favorite or most important videos?

– Yes and no. When there is an active process of creating each product, whether it is 3d-visualization or a complex animated movie, or even a relatively fast video of footage, it is this creature created here and now – it is the most significant.

Then, when it is already “going to people”, there is a completely understandable process of alienation – we look at our offspring from the side, sometimes we discuss. A creative product is like a child. The more creative, energy and energy spent, the more you love him. It is difficult to name any one favorite movie. Always happy when it gives the effect that the customer expected.

“And who are they, your customers?”

– They are absolutely different companies, people, site owners: and have already proved themselves in the market, and only mastering certain niches. There is no such thing as an “average customer”. Everyone has their own experience, their own tasks and their capabilities. We try to work with everyone.

– How many videos per month do you make?

– We are a creative team, not an enterprise that “drives” the monthly plan. The workload can be different, and the degree of complexity of each work has its own. Of course, we keep statistics, but it is more for internal use.

– What is necessary to create an advertising 3d-video?

– Terms of reference from the customer and our creative team. The more information and materials the client presents, the more likely that we will immediately “get to the point”. It is clear that you need a budget.

– 3-d-animation – expensive?

“Let’s just say it’s available to most companies that are kept afloat.” The cost includes many components. Do not forget about the concept of “economic effect.” The selling animated video serves to increase recognition and profit. Services of our studio in the end pay off.

– 3D-animation, infographics are now in fashion. But do they have a future?

– Let’s understand that this is, first of all, the tools for the most accurate, affordable and efficient delivery of information. And very effective tools. And they are still inadequate, if compared with almost unlimited potential. Of course, new technical solutions, software and so on will appear.

Virtual reality and the need for “presence effects” only enter into our everyday life. Therefore, the task is to improve existing skills and constantly learn, possibly creating the same future that you are talking about.