3D ∕ 2D Video

3DADDY STUDIO offers the creation of animated videos: from the concept development to the presentation of a completed advertising product to a customer. The company has dozens of 2D and 3D videos representing different products and brands.

Why animation?

An animated video for business provides for an opportunity to accomplish tasks that are difficult to achieve using other means.

A high quality 3D video will surely draw attention, and if it is a perfect creative

What is the difference between 2D and 3D advertising?

It is enough to watch several animated videos to see the difference between them clearly, although up- to-date technologies have advanced so far that a mix of any styles and methods is possible for the creation of a unique product.

A 2D video is a classic, which is unlikely to lose its relevance ever, as it is convenient for a presentation video.

If you need to demonstrate unobvious advantages and reproduce something that cannot be done using traditional shooting, 3D videos help you out.

Products are demonstrated in all nuances and from all sides, forming a complete image.

How do we do this?

When developing an animation video for any business, first of all, we determine a main value of an advertised product or service and an emotional message that our video should contain. If a customer, who has carefully thought out a marketing strategy, already has answers to these questions, this is great. But sometimes our customers, very talented in their field, have no idea about how to approach to the development of an advertising strategy. They want 3D videos that can “catch” and ensure sales growth.

A creative team exists exactly to pick up the “ingredients”, perhaps even think up characters and prepare a delicious advertising product. We are pleased to let representatives of customers and everyone interested in our creative “kitchen”, show, tell, and explain the nuances.

Creating 3D videos is a labour-intensive process, involving the coordinated work of the creative team of different professionals. It includes “brainstorming” during the development of a concept and script, painstaking technical work on each frame, preparation of a narration, music track and professional voice-over.

See our portfolio and you will surely enjoy two- dimensional and three- dimensional advertising assortment to fit every taste. Of course, there may also be a masterpiece created by your order among these videos in the very near future.