3D video for Road Runner 585

Live in a new way

When working on 3d video advertising the DVR Prestigio Road Runner 585, we had to demonstrate the basic characteristics of the device, which are important for every driver.

Our studio 3D graphics carefully studies the features and competitive advantages of each product so that the visual and sound feeds are completely subordinated to the advertising concept and at the same time carry a large emotional charge, responding to the needs and values ​​of the target audience.

The potential buyer watches the RoadRunner 585 close-up and immediately learns about the highest quality of the received video – up to Super HD in any lighting, and the remaining characteristics, according to the design of the roller, are opened already in the course of traffic. It is the effect of motion along a busy highway that determines the harmonious dynamics of the video. Thanks to the possibilities of 3D animations and graphics, we have the opportunity to submit any product so that every potential buyer could feel himself the owner of a valuable novelty, which he does not want to part with anymore.