Shot videos and films

Shooting posed image- building and presentation films is one of the most popular activity areas of the 3DADDY STUDIO creative team.

Each of our projects has its own interesting history. Between the goal setting, birth of an idea and demonstration of a completed product, 3DADDY STUDIO specialists go through several stages, and each of them is important in its own way.

Image-building video for business development and sales growth

An advertising video about a company allows you to solve a number of marketing and image-building problems. Such videos are used on websites, exhibitions, for the presentation of companies at business events. A good presentation video will show capabilities and scope of business or specific features of its concrete area of activity in a few minutes.

Each corporate video contains a specific message that should be understood by a target audience. In addition to presenting facts and creating visual effects, the emotional component is very important. With this approach a video is credible and well-remembered.

At the initial stage, we listen to customers’ requirements. We study previously prepared promotional materials, if any, and try to get maximum information on a presented product. If a client has no ideas and notions about a content of a future corporate video, we can offer several scenarios explaining the advantages of each of them. We start shooting only after the approval of a project.

Team approach

3DADDY STUDIO engages a team of technical and creative professionals to shoot image-building videos. These are a director, make-up artists, stylists, camera operators, commentators and narrowly focused specialists in various areas – the work team is formed depending on tasks.

Production of presentation videos is quite a complicated job. It involves making several takes, interviews and many small fragments, from which the best are then selected. Our arsenal includes a complete set of up-to-date equipment for high-quality shooting in any conditions.

After the basic material is prepared, it’s time for the montage. If necessary, we supplement videos with special effects, animation, 3D visualization and  infographi cs , correctly placing emphasis and highlighting moments that should certainly draw viewer’s attention. Much attention is paid to a narration, quality of titles, as well as the musical score.

The price of a posed image- building video is always determined individually and depends on its complexity, number of filming locations and people involved, and the necessity for additional effects. Before starting work, customers receive a detailed estimate for approval. A completed video is provided strictly within an agreed timescale. If changes are necessary, they are made as quickly as possible. However, with proper preparation, responsible attitude to the approval of a script and coherent teamwork the need for significant changes arises extremely rarely.