Sausage "Sormovskaya" - Meat Processing Plant "Kanevskaya"

Sormovskaya time is the most delicious time!

The project of the roller for sausage “Sormovsky with fat” from the meatpacking factory “Kanevskaya” included a creative concept, slogan, shooting, editing, animation, post-production and sound design.

If Sormovkaya is necessarily with fat, then our commercial is with a creative idea, mouth-watering food frames, brand symbols and sound hooks for the target audience. All – according to the best recipes.
The concept conveys the message that “Sormovskaya Time” is the most delicious time.

To embody the idea and create an impressive visual range needed a plate with a diameter of 50 cm, the dial in the form of delicious rings of sausage, a knife and a fork instead of arrows. It is difficult to be distracted even for a second, watching how the pieces of Sormovsky disappear from the plate as the “clock” ticks. In addition, the sound range with accurate time signals particularly catches the viewer’s attention.
The result – home furnishings, caring hands of the mother, slicing delicious sausage for the family. It is not surprising that nothing remains on the plate. Moreover, the viewer wakes up the appetite and the desire to try “Sormovskaya with a fat,” which is always in great demand!