3D models: how to create three-dimensional graphics?

Posted on 23.01.2018 in 3D ∕ 2D Video

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine a full-fledged presentation or technical documentation without a 3D model. Most often we are treated by clients who need:

  • it is as realistic to imagine something as long as it exists only in the creative imagination or in the form of a project;
  • to create a 3D model of the interior to provide the effect of presence in the formed and detailed space;
  • to create an animated 3D role.

Before looking at our “creative cuisine”, it is worthwhile to understand the basic concepts. 3D-modeling is a special direction of computer graphics that combines the methods and tools required to create three-dimensional objects in 3D.

Among the basic methods of three-dimensional graphics, we can mention calculations of parameters, create a foundation, create a “skeleton” and so on, and tools are computer programs that we use for 3D modeling.

Stages of 3D-modeling

Competent creation of 3D-model requires a clear sequence of steps. To begin with, a form is created and all the geometry of the object is built. Next comes the selection of materials and the imposition of textures on the object. The degree of realism of the model depends on the successful solution of this problem.

The third stage of the 3D model creation is work with lighting, including a competent choice of the observation point, definition of brightness, sharpness and depth of shadows. A full effect of presence is possible only with perfectly exposed light.

The final stages are rendering and 3D-visualization. Professionals are engaged in detailing the settings for displaying a three-dimensional object, working on all sorts of special effects, clarifying the visualization settings, hone all the indicators of realism.

The final task is already pure creativity. Add all the aesthetic elements, designed to attract attention and cause maximum interest among representatives of the target audience.

Our creative team has everything you need to create 3D models and high-quality 3D-visualization. The result often exceeds customer expectations.