3D-визуализация интерьера ванной комнаты для ТМ Estima © 3DADDY STUDIO

For the company Estima, the leader in the production of porcelain stoneware, we created a series of 3d visualizations. For orders for 3d visualization of the interiors, we are very anxious, trying to take into account every nuance, so that our client gets the most accurate images of his goods in the interior. In this case, the task was to give a comprehensive picture of how the space with the products of the Estima plant would look.

When creating 3d visualization, it is important that the design of designers is fully implemented, and all the textural features of each tile and interior are clearly visible. Thus, the client has the opportunity to get a full view of the ceramic granite tiles and decorating the premises with it.

The picture was absolutely realistic. The tile looks exactly like it is presented in the exhibition halls. We are once again convinced that high-quality 3D rendering is an ideal resource for product presentation in the interior.