The Video for the Grace 3118 3G Tablet

Your life. Your way

While creating a 3d video for the Grace 3118 tablet, the team at our 3d studio tried to achieve a unified visual, musical and information component. It was also important to observe the style of the company, optimally fit the graphics, achieving harmony of design and its implementation. After all, only in this case the picture can have a proper impact on the target audience, which we aspired together with our customer.

Emotional half-minute presentation video – a stylish advertising product that allows consumers to simultaneously get maximum information and literally feel the benefits of the proposed novelty. Creating a video for the tablet Grace 3118 3G company Prestigio, we were striving for minimalism and at the same time emotionality, so that people not only learned about the most important characteristics of the device, but even for a few seconds, felt themselves its owners. Fortunately, the possibilities of the studio 3d graphics are almost unlimited!