Grace R7 Smartphone

Your life. Your way

The advertising 3d movie, representing the smartphone Grace R7 – is another work of our creative team, related to the presentation of gadgets of the Prestigio brand. The plot of the thirty-second video is built around the refined silhouettes of the smartphone, offered in different colors.

Since we were faced with the task of revealing the most important characteristics of the device for the consumer, some of its elements are presented in close-up in different angles with specific technical data. A realistic play of light and shadow, dynamics and attention to detail have made it possible to achieve the desired effect with a high level of emotional involvement.

The modern possibilities of 3d graphics give professionals a lot of tools that allow to influence the consumer. But only their successful choice and use with close attention to the semantic component and the slightest graphic nuances give a high commercial result, on which, in fact, is directed our advertising creativity.