The Video with infografics elements for the group of Damate companies


One of the activities of the Russian agricultural holding Damate is the production and turkey processing. When creating an animation film with infographic elements, the important tasks were to deliver information about the turkey to the consumer, his presentation and the increase in the brand recognition of Damate.

Since turkey meat has a real, measurable set of important characteristics, it was decided to use the format of infographics to ensure that the figures in the correct ratio and visual design could “speak for themselves”. In a short dynamic clip there is more information than in long scientific and, especially, advertising texts, while the cost of infographics for presentations is not so high. Great attention was paid to the sounding and semantic accents arrangement.

The material for infographic was chosen in such a way that different consumers’ categories could learn important information: new employees of the plant for the purpose of training, partners in order to get acquainted with the plant at the exhibitions. Also, the film was created to be posted on the site and on the YouTube channel. In addition, due to the expert component incorporated in it, the video serves to increase confidence in the brand.