The Food Video for the TM (Trading Mark) Restoria Forcemeat

Always a delicious result

Meat and other semi-finished products with 100% natural composition are produced under the Restoria trademark. To make the video really “appetizing” and fully reflect the slogan “always a delicious result,” it was decided to focus not so much on the product itself as on fragrant home-made cutlets that can be made from it.

So, from a short video the consumer learns about the product itself, and about the benefits that it gives: almost instant cooking of your favorite meat dish. In the packshot, we demonstrate the packing with minced meat, so that the buyer can find it in the store, and an appetizing second course, which eventually turns out.

The main task of the product commercial is to show the product in real life as if it were at the disposal of a good hostess or talented chef, that is, to demonstrate the product in action, triggering an emotional response from a potential buyer. For this, close-ups were used.