The Food Video for TM Fish House

You dreamed - we caught

TM Fish House positions itself as a producer of fresh fish and seafood in vacuum packaging. If we talk about the modern consumer of such products, it can be of interest, first of all, quality, naturalness, excellent taste, variety, usability. The frontal indication of the quality of food, even with the use of all the possibilities of 3D animation, has not affected the consumer for many years.

But the available video series, which reveals different aspects of the product and some subtleties of the manufacturer, always attracts attention. And the positive attitude is already the first shots with fish, which precede the appearance of the brand on the screen. We show a variety of assortment of TM Fish House, offering both tasty herring to potatoes, and delicious red fish. “You dreamed – we caught!” – such a motto was chosen for the brand’s products.

Our 3D videos are able to combine the consumers’ dreams and needs with the real offers of producers. The result is a juicy presentation product.