Promotional video for Prestigio Wize Q3

Your life. Your way.

Just fifteen seconds of the new movie from our animation studio – and the viewer is charged with the energy of a dream come true for a long-awaited vacation, every moment of which will be even more beautiful and memorable with a frameless Prestigio WizeQ3 smartphone.

The dynamism, emotional intensity, brightness and thoughtfulness of each of the rapidly changing frames, pictures of nature and an exciting feeling of movement – all this works for the main idea of the video. If you hurry, you can have time to buy an innovative gadget before you rest. Its price is quite affordable, and the functionality is worthy of attention and is absolutely sufficient to meet the needs of most users.

The dream has no barriers, as the Prestigio WizeQ3 smartphone has no traditional frame. The creative flight of fantasy of our animation studio is just as limitless, which will offer an original idea for a commercial and will perform competent post-production on its own.