Viata Buna Mineral Water

The best water for the whole life

Under the trademark Viata Buna, bottled drinking water is supplied to the market with a balanced mineral composition and a mild flavor. The motto with which this product is promoted – “The best water for a better life!”, gives rise to a positive associative series, which, in fact, was used by our creative team when making the Viata Buna image video. It is worth noting that the speech here is not so much about the style of life in a narrow sense, as about the quality of life, to which many are consciously or unconsciously seeking.

Using footage visualizing the moments of a better life in the representation of the target audience, we tried to work out images of harmony, relaxation, unity of people with each other and with nature, create an atmosphere of well-being that invariably evokes a sincere response. A clear and pleasant plot, positive, light colors, dynamism and clear message – these components form a positive emotional perception of the video, and, accordingly, the positioning of the brand.