TM "Bochkovoe"

True beer from a keg

Up-to-date video advertising can be effective only if it responds to the emotional demands of consumers.

When creating an advertising clip for the trademark “Bochkovoye”, we used an associative series: live – real – primordial – valuable. We combined video footage with 3D graphics. Moreover, we also created 3D packaging. It was important to observe the semantic unity and completeness of the video, so that the audience could feel the aroma of hop, the atmosphere of a friendly gathering and, of course, the taste of true beer from the keg for this purpose, pictures of nature were used at the beginning and end of the roller. There is nothing more real than this!

Creation of 3D videos devoted to the most popular food and beverages is a task to which the most creative employees of our 3D animation studio are attracted. In this case, not only the advantages of the product and the special advertising message are important, but also the search for a special way of presenting the material so that the video differs from many others and emphasizes the special taste of the presented product.