ТМ Mistero Cafe Le Grand Coffee

Mystery of the perfect coffee

Coffee “Mistero” Cafe Le Grand is a unique development of the Ukrainian producer, which was the result of a long search for the perfect blend. The product harmoniously combines quality soluble granules with ground fried grains of the best grades. After the creation of coffee worthy of competing with the products of the world brands, it was important for the company to present its creation correctly, emphasizing both the special technology and the special taste and delicate aroma of the invigorating drink.

Realizing that the 3d movie is the best suited to achieve this goal, the company ordered it in our studio, because the projects that made 3DADDY have already proved their effectiveness. When developing the roller it was important to show the high value of the ideal combination of granules and grains, as well as the unification of people, shades, tastes. With a large number of components, we focused on the most significant details of the product – the harmonious combination of valuable elements, which, in fact, is the essence of the blend.