Promotional video for Prestigio Muze G3 LTE

Your life. Your way.

Creating a video that represents the smartphone Prestigio Muze G3 LTE, our team has focused on the color of the device and trust in the representatives of the target audience. In a short video for 20 seconds, the value of the new gadget as an optimal gift for a woman is chosen.

To implement the project, we used the technique of harmonious connection of footage with 2D and 3D graphics. Women expect men to take care, attention and, of course, gifts. All this can be embodied in the advertised product. Correct selection of personnel with the appropriate musical accompaniment made it possible to demonstrate that a new stylish smartphone is suitable for ladies of any age.

This is not the first work of our animation studio on the presentation of products by Prestigio, and each video is aimed at achieving a specific marketing goal. Proceeding from it, approaches to creation of video are selected also. However, building short stories and effective visuals, we necessarily use elements of brand stylistics. In this video, the smartphone itself appears at the end as the culmination and the embodiment of values.