Our Works

Portfolio of 3DADDY STUDIO includes a constantly updated list of works. The company has experience in creating animation clips for domestic and international companies of different levels, business areas. This gives us a deep understanding of all sorts of activities.

There isn’t something that we haven’t tried yet during filming. We studied the composition of the nail lacquer, the structure of each component. Spent a couple of days with tablets, smartphones, laptops. Yes, we appreciated the technical characteristics and played a little. Prepared salads with peas, that ran on a plate. We learned how the perfect coffee bean looks, forever remembered the fragrant coffee smoke from the cup. Most often, in our portfolio, there are commercials, in which the shooting and computer graphics are combined.

We do not like to limit the concepts of “animation” and “visualization”. We work with animated characters, and it’s not just cartoons. This is an opportunity to show the interaction of brand-heroes with the product, a quality and living fairytale, idea, thought. What you have never seen. For example, powder particles that penetrate the fibers of the tissue. Or like a grain of powdered sugar, getting on a hot croissant dough, instantly dissolve. Presented cases of various projects – 2D, 3D-animated movies, 3D visualization, infographics, clips from the footage, films.

A special place is occupied by 3D visualization. Now, this is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about interiors. Such 3D animation clips help to fully see the style, colors, shape of furniture. Even the structure of each joint between the tiles or the nap of the carpet will not disappear from our developers. Despite the fact that 3D visualization is one of the top directions, it is always different and not boring.

Our 3DADDY STUDIO in the process of creating animated videos introduces freshness, novelty, and aesthetics in every project. Animation commercials demonstrate something that can not be touched, sniffed or seen. The main advantage of an animated video is a simple and clear description and showing of the complex. This effect can not be achieved with conventional shooting, so 2D and 3D animation come to the rescue. To successfully promote a product or company you need the most effective solution –ordering an animated video. You can share the video on the company’s website, which will make it more attractive.

Do you like drawing? Excellent! So, it’s time to fill the brief and start a new project. We will happily review your ideas with our specialists in 2D and 3D animation. Let`s start!