The Food Video for the TM Restoria Croissant

Always a delicious result

Introducing the flaky yeast dough from the brand Restoria, we moved the emphasis from the product itself to delicious croissants, which can be quickly made from it. The popularity of home cooking throughout the world is enormous, and it is not surprising that a ready-made base for sweets is of interest.

However, when creating a video, it is important to integrate the product into a wider context of its use – such frames are remembered, giving birth to the desire to join the cooking process and to receive a tender, sweet, airy product with a delicate taste.

The video created by us proved to be effective both at the first contact with the target audience and when solving the expansion of the assortment of products of the trade mark Restoria. Just a few seconds – and the culinary capabilities of each hostess are significantly expanded.

Our 3D studio approaches to creating each video as a special dish from the best ingredients with the involvement of “tasting” representatives of the target audience. This is one of the secrets of the effectiveness of our advertising, image and presentation videos.