ТМ PROSPER Wash powder

Whiteness above the clouds

“Whiteness above the clouds” – this metaphor, embedded in the motto, was defeated in the 3D roller, presenting the wash powder and PROSPER gels. Our task is to visually convey the main advantage of the goods, what each consumer expects from good household chemicals, demonstrating the washing process as extremely light, pleasant, safe, eco-friendly and effective. Bright powder packaging in the first frames, light colors in the middle and finishing stroke in the form of a colorful kite ready to be carried above the clouds – all this makes the advertising product holistic and creating a mood.

Creating presentation videos and promotional products using 3D animation is a complex, multi-stage process, on which our studio creative team is working. Ease of perception and the intelligibility of the information message is the fruit of painstaking work on every nuance of the advertising product. We always strive to ensure the response of the consumer and maximally effectively implement the tasks set by the customer, helping him achieve even the most ambitious goals.