3D Visualization

3D visualization is one of the popular activity areas of 3DADDY STUDIO – animation and graphics studio.


Object visualization is a powerful advertising tool that allows manufacturers to demonstrate their products in all their glory. Objects of 3D presentation can be gadgets, decoration materials, any goods from toothbrushes to nail polish, packaging, bottles, etc.

As the result, you get extremely realistic images of goods indistinguishable from real photos. They can be used to compile catalogues, make presentations, videos and printed materials.

Benefits of 3D visualization

All you need to visualize an object is a graphic designer, 3D modelling software and product. Thus, the service has several advantages:

  • A model is developed in a couple of days;
  • Any object can be converted to the three- dimensional format;
  • Affordable cost compared to studio photography;
  • You can focus on the necessary details and remove real defects of an object;
  • Work can be corrected at any time.

An image will always do better than a text. The decision on whether to continue studying the product or not is made in 3 seconds. It is important to catch person’s attention “right off the bat”, give rise to the right emotion, arouse interest and encourage watching further. Beauty and aesthetics are to be shown first, followed by descriptions or characteristics. 3D visualization and animation make it possible to fully implement this principle and become one of the most effective marketing tools.

Stages of 3D visualization of objects

Visualization of objects is carried out in the studio in several stages:

  1. Collection of information. If an object exists in reality, we take its prototype as a basis, take pictures from all angles and use these pictures further in the work. If an object has not yet been created, then, based on drawings and a project, we make drafts that are agreed with a customer;
  2. Concept development. A concept art is drawn. The bulk of aesthetics and effects of post- processing are transferred there. If an object is standardized, exact dimensions are entered in a drawing;
  3. Modelling and texturing. An exact model is made, textures and colours are applied, properties of materials are transferred;
  4. Presentation. A completed composition is shown to a customer. Changes are made if necessary.

A model is presented in formats convenient for subsequent use. That is, you don’t have to additionally convert files from one format to another or make changes. You can immediately print promotional materials, prepare a presentation, etc.

How to order object visualization in 3DADDY STUDIO?

You send us a product, its drawings or photos, we agree on the details, listen to your requirements and immediately get to work. Very simple. The same applies even if you do not have a large number of materials, and a product itself exists only on paper. Together, we will think over a concept, decide how to better represent your object, draw sketches and perform modelling on their basis.

Write to us by mail or call one of the contact numbers. We will consult you for free, answer all questions and show examples of our work.