Prestigio Multi-board for the School

Now everyone wants to answer near the board and that is cool!

Creating a presentation film, representing the multi-board of the well-known company Prestigio, we used both the principles of social advertising and product presentation in action so that potential buyers could immediately understand what the product serves and how it can change life.

Direct speech of real heroes-users, elements of 3d graphics, close-ups, semantic accents on the merits of goods, demonstration of multiplayer capabilities – all this contributed to the immersion of the viewer into the creative atmosphere of the school, where modern children are reviving interest in learning. The benefits of using the product become evident not only for children who have gadgets for “you”, but also for very conservative teachers, school principals, and also for parents who are ready to invest in the future of children.

The video encounters three visions – the head of the school, teachers and schoolchildren, and they all demonstrate that the multiport Prestigio helps to build the educational process in accordance with the latest trends. Trust in the product is increasing – especially since the emotional characteristics are followed by the enumeration of the technical capabilities of the modern device.