"Smile Baby" Wet wipes

From the first days of the life

TM Smile is a well-known manufacturer of wet wipes and other hygienic products for different occasions. “Baby line” Smile Baby includes products from natural food components with the most safe impregnation. These products can be used even for the care of newborns. “From the first days of the life!”

A cute tiny child always evokes tenderness, and this, of course, is the main character in this project. When making the video, we tried to do what most parents of the kids are trying to do – to stop the moment when the baby laughs when the whole family is happy. It is with such positive moments that Smile Baby should be associated, which greatly facilitates the process of caring for the baby.

As a result, the brand is associated with bright emotions and cautious care of the baby. Responding to the most important needs of the target audience, a few seconds of the video cause trust and interest in the brand and products of Smile, designed for children.