Prestigio Grace R7 Smartphone

The new fruit

When creating a promo clip for Prestigio Grace R7, of course, we used the necessary techniques of 3D animation, but the main thing was still the metaphorical content created on the basis of footage. Positioning the smartphone as a “new fruit on the market”, of course, gives birth to associations with the giant Apple. Thus, the presented device is thin, almost imperceptible and certainly unobtrusively included in the “apple” context.

However, we showed several exotic fruits at once, offering the viewer to choose which of them to associate with Prestigio Grace R7, which has a thin, beautiful body and attractive functionality, and really “live in its own way,” without imposed stereotypes and sky-high capital investments.

Our 3D animation studio implements a creative team approach to the creation of each advertising product, not limited to silhouettes in different angles and straightforward calls to action. We are looking for and find cherished keys to representatives of different target audiences, creatively approaching any task. Therefore, even the shortest, minimalistic 3D videos give the necessary effect.